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About Lime Rockers & other information

If you’re looking for a diverse group of people who pride themselves on being car enthusiasts and enjoy hanging out and doing everything from getting together for lunch, going to auto shows, attending track and racing club events, going on cruises, and any number of other small to large group events, then you’ve come to the right place.

We are a sports car group composed of dedicated and loyal car enthusiasts from New England known as Lime Rockers. Lime Rockers is an open group, there are no rankings; we have this website and our get-togethers purely for the joy of meeting others that are interested in something we all love, our cars!

We have vehicles from Corvettes, Mustangs to BMW’s, VW’s, and Porsche’s. We appreciate every car enthusiast from stock to modded. We welcome other car enthusiasts as well, as long as you’re not looking for a place to hang out and act immature. Even though we are an open group, if you are just goofing off the whole time and have nothing to contribute to this already great group of people, you will not be tolerated.

We have a few rules that we ask they are followed. All members and car enthusiasts must conduct themselves in a respectful law abiding way at all club functions and meetings. This means NO excessive foul language (Women and Children are welcome). NO operating of vehicle in an unsafe or unlawful manner (NO TIRE BURN OUTS & NO RACING.)

To get the full benefit of this website, please register a user ID using the “Register” link found in the footer below. You don’t have to be a Lime Rockers member, but you’ll get even more from the site if you are. When you register on the site, please CAREFULLY check your email address – if you haven’t received your password within an hour or two, it is ALMOST CERTAIN that you have entered the wrong email address.

Please follow the below links for additional information and resources.

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